The Climate Change Scare and the Facts

This is an excerpt of a lecture conducted by Bjorn Lomborg about climate change last month at a conference hosted the Center for Independent Studies in Australia. In his talk, Lomborg discusses the climate change scare and presents the facts that the effects are largely exaggerated. You can watch the entire lecture here.

Democrat Activists Use False Virus Models To Panic Officials To Enact Lackdowns

A small group of Democrat activists have traveled to different parts of the country using fake coronavirus studies in order to scare officials into implementing lockdowns and other unwise regulations. Now where have we seen this playbook before? Like Rahm Emmanuel said: Never let a serious crisis go to waste.

Inaccurate Virus Models Are Panicking Officials Into Ill-Advised Lockdowns

How a handful of Democratic activists created alarming, but bogus data sets to scare local and state officials into making rash, economy-killing mandates.

By Madelin Osburn, The Federalist

As U.S. state and local officials halt the economy and quarantine their communities over the Wuhan virus crisis, one would hope our leaders were making such major decisions based on well-sourced data and statistical analysis. That is not the case.

A scan of statements made by media, state governors, local leaders, county judges, and more show many relying on the same source, an online mapping tool called COVID Act Now. The website says it is “built to enable political leaders to quickly make decisions in their Coronavirus response informed by best available data and modeling.”

An interactive map provides users a catastrophic forecast for each state, should they wait to implement COVID Act Now’s suggested strict measures to “flatten the curve.” But a closer look at how many of COVID Act Now’s predictions have already fallen short, and how they became a ubiquitous resource across the country overnight, suggests something more sinister.

When Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins announced a shelter-in-place order on Dallas County Sunday, he displayed COVID Act Now graphs with predictive outcomes after three months if certain drastic measures are taken. The NBC Dallas affiliate also embedded the COVID Act Now models in their story on the mandate.


New Zealand Press Spins Conspiracy Theory to Press for Animal “Rights”

Never let a good conspiracy theory go to waste. New Zealand’s is spinning a conspiracy theory to make the case for their allies in the country’s animal rights movement. Like good Kool Aid drinkers they took the New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society’s line hook, line, and sinker. Some people interviewed even suggested secretive committees are making decisions to intentionally harm animals used in medical tests while complaining about a lack of transparency. So there’s a conspiracy to cover-up the conspiracy? If this wasn’t so unbelievable, it would be laughable. It’s blatantly obvious this so-called news outlet employs political activists as journalists since, while there was an effort made to interview the other side of the issue, the parties involved clearly wouldn’t want to be interviewed because of the political ideology of the (ahem) journalists.

Death by committee: NZ’s ‘secretive’ animal testing regime

Rob Mitchell11:16, Mar 07 2020

It’s the end of the interview. Ministry for Primary Industries manager of animal welfare Kate Littin has spent the previous 30 minutes carefully describing the various steps through which her organisation oversees the care of animals in testing and research in this country.

Finally, she is asked if she is confident that MPI has adequate control of testing, and whether animal welfare is “being considered, looked after, monitored sufficiently”.

I wait, pen poised, expecting an affirmation of her own faith in a system she helps administer.

What I get, though, is a little surprising.

“Obviously, that’s our job, to be understanding what’s going on … global trends, New Zealand trends … what people expect and accept in the use of animals … and we continue to do our job as best we can …”

I interrupt. “Sorry, but that doesn’t answer the question: Are you comfortable that that’s being done?”

“All I can respond with,” she says, after a momentary hesitation, “is that we know what our job is, we set up a robust framework for implementing the Animal Welfare Act, we have what we believe is a robust monitoring regime and then also our compliance regime programme that underpins it …”

Littin’s caution is partly understandable. The use of animals in testing and research can be a controversial subject, with some extreme views on what can sometimes appear to be extreme acts in the name of science, research, business.

Late last year, the New Zealand Anti-Vivisection Society (NZAVS) revealed that, among a number of animals, 10 dogs were fed poisoned possum in a series of tests at Lincoln University. All survived but were later put down. And Victoria University has been in the media over its use of the forced swim test, in which mice are placed in water-filled containers, and their reaction to the threat of drowning observed as part of research into depression.

NZAVS claims many other animals have been killed or harmed in other “barbaric” experiments.

MPI’s most recent publicly released figures from 2016 show close to 300,000 animals are “manipulated” in this country for research, testing and teaching each year, with 15 per cent suffering moderate to high impact as part of that process, and rodents and rabbits taking the brunt of those impacts.

According to those figures, 98 per cent of mice used in testing died or were euthanised, 96 per cent of guinea pigs, 90 per cent of rabbits, 89 per cent of pigs, 87 per cent of rats and 75 per cent of possums.


Greta Thunberg’s mother has some things to say about her daughter

Karen Townsend Posted at 5:01 pm on February 23, 2020, HotAir

Greta Thunberg’s mother, Malena Ernman is promoting her family’s new book, “Our House is on Fire: Scenes of a Family and a Planet in Crisis.” She is using her daughter’s story as a tool for publicity. If the phrase “our house is on fire” is familiar it is because Greta frequently uses it when speaking in public about climate change.

Malena Ernman gave an interview to The Guardian in which she described how Greta became an activist. Frankly, there really wasn’t any new information that surfaced, from what I’ve read. That’s the problem with the Thunberg story if the family is now trying to cash in with book sales – Greta Thunberg hasn’t suffered from a lack of publicity. The child is only 17 years old, after all. Her years of experience are just beginning.

The parents of Greta work in the entertainment industry so they crave the stage. Ernman is a well-known opera singer in Europe and Svante Thunberg, Greta’s father, is an actor. Both parents have essentially all but given up their own careers in order to pursue Greta’s activism in promoting climate change propaganda. Climate change alarmism, you might say, is the new family business. Just as Greta preaches, her parents have given up traveling by air and now drive to occasional professional engagements. Their first memoir about the family’s support of Greta was Scenes From the Heart.