The Red Tape Pandemic

John Stossel reveals that regulations have delayed test kits, telehealth, and hospital innovation, making the coronavirus pandemic worse. They set America back months in responding. South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan have experience after having gone through the SARS outbreak in 2002. If U.S. politicians enlisted the help of South Korea, we would not have… Read More The Red Tape Pandemic

South Korean Dog Farmers Troll Protesters

By JAMES BILLOT, JULY 12, 2019, DailyMail South Korean dog farmers ate boiled dog meat as they staged a counter-rally during an animal rights protest. The fiery demonstration, on the country’s ‘dog meat day’, took place outside the National Assembly, the nation’s legislative body. Dog farmers wearing red bandannas emblazoned with ‘Fight. Unity’ in Korean… Read More South Korean Dog Farmers Troll Protesters