UK Vegan Activist Kills 100 Rabbits In Order to Save 15

A vegan activist named Mythical Mia attempted to steal rabbits last week from a Spanish farm alleging she was attacked by angry farmers. It has now been reported that more rabbits died resulting from her effort than were saved. Then again, that may be what she intended. While there is no way to verify any of Mia’s allegations in the below video, her tears shouldn’t gain much sympathy since she took the risk of trespassing on private property and stealing the animals that resulted in their deaths. No doubt Mia and her colleagues carefully planned what they were going to do including targeting the animals in question to result in the most deaths. Hopefully Spanish authorities will arrest and prosecute her and her accomplices.

“Vegan activist who ‘rescued’ 16 rabbits killed nearly 100 in the process,” By Chris Perez, September 9, 2019 | New York Post

A vegan activist in Spain who claimed to have been attacked by an angry mob last week — after she “rescued” 16 rabbits from their farm — wound up causing the deaths of nearly 100 baby bunnies in the process, a report says.

The activist, who goes by the name “Mythical Mia” on social media, conducted the alleged rescue mission on a farm near Osono last Sunday, according to the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia.

Five rabbits, which were pregnant and about to give birth, were killed during the chaotic retrieval and several others were left with broken spines, the paper reports, citing an assessment from a local veterinarian.

A number of the rabbits that Mythical Mia, a Barcelona-based activist, took that day were said to have been pregnant or lactating. Their offspring included an estimated 90 bunnies, which had to be euthanized after being abandoned, according to La Vanguardia.

The mama bunnies that got left behind but survived were reportedly forced to have abortions.