Voters unwilling to pay to fix climate change?

During December of last year, founder Marc Morano was interviewed by Stuart Varney on Fox Business Network on the mounting push back against climate change legislation and taxes. This explains the unpopularity of people such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her so-called Green New Deal.

Farewell To The NDP Destroyers

Sheila Gunn Reid of Rebel Media reports on the defeat of Alberta’s New Democratic Party in the province’s elections and what she, her colleagues and Alberta had to endure resulting from the Albert NDP’s far-Left rule grounded in environmentalist policies.

Environmentalists Back Off of Carbon Tax

Politico says environmentalists have backed off from proposing taxes on carbon. The reason? Their news report says: This month’s fuel-tax riots in Paris and the defeat of a carbon-fee ballot measure in Washington state show the difficulty of getting people to support a levy on the energy sources that heat their homes and power their…

The Truth About the ‘Yellow Vest’ Protests

Paul Joseph Watson points out that Emmanuel Macron’s carbon tax scheme may have sparked a European Spring. Also, Barack Obama endorsed Macron for President last year and most of Macron’s policies are similar to Obama’s. Here is hoping all of this ends peacefully.

Anti-Macron Riots Are The Result of New Carbon Tax

France enacted new taxes on carbon as proposed by French President Emanuel Macron only to see riots riots break out in central Paris following two weeks of protests. The riots resulted in cars and buildings being set ablaze along with the infamous Arc de Triomphe being damaged. The taxes were obviously the last straw for…

The Decline and Fall of California

Earlier this year, U.S. News ranked California as having the worst quality of life in the country. Tucker Carlson recently interviewed author, Hoover Institution fellow and also a California native Victor Davis Hanson on Fox News about why California went from one of the most powerful, innovative economies in the United States to having the…