California Braces For More Black-Outs

California’s government has sent everyone a Happy Thanksgiving message in the form of more rolling black outs that, unfortunately, are coming soon. Thanks to heightened wildfire risk, almost 80,000 residents could go without power during the holiday. From the Los Angeles Times: “Communities from Hemet to Ventura may lose power as part of a “public safety… Read More California Braces For More Black-Outs

Be Thankful for Capitalism This Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving! The lastest holiday the Left is subjecting to historical revisionism as part of their attack on Western culture and civilization. Before you eat turkey, thank capitalism! Without it, Thanksgiving would be Starvation Day. John Stossel explains why… [Thanksgiving] is a producers’ holiday. The lavish meal is a symbol of the fact that abundant… Read More Be Thankful for Capitalism This Thanksgiving

Environmentalists Want to Outlaw 7 Thanksgiving Traditions

With Thanksgiving drawing to a close, it is important not just to keep in mind what environmentalists are doing and what Thanksgiving is all about, but also what environmentalists want to do. Two years ago, The Daily Caller came up with seven Thanksgiving traditions environmentalists want to ban in the name of going green. Some… Read More Environmentalists Want to Outlaw 7 Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving: A Triumph of Capitalism

The Pilgrims founded their colony at Plymouth Plantation in December 1620 and set about creating a heaven on earth based on Biblical principles. A society without private property, where all worked for the common good. Consequently, the Pilgrims promptly started dying off in droves. Essentially, the Pilgrim settlers established their colony based on what is… Read More Thanksgiving: A Triumph of Capitalism