Hotline Set Up To Help Vegans Get Through Thanksgiving

No doubt Thanksgiving can be rough for vegans due to the various meats and dairy products their family members or friends eat. This leaves them with little more than salad to consume, unless mom or dad fire up the grill so they can cook soy burgers or even plant-based chicken. But don’t worry vegans, there’s help out there to get you through these tough times, including if you need help making the case for the cause.

This Thanksgiving, The Oatly Emotional Support Hotline for Plant-based Eaters will offer unique resources for vegans looking for support during the challenging holiday. What happens when you call in? Well, you’ve got options…

Pressing one will get you to personal affirmations to help emotionally navigate a traditional meat- and dairy-heavy Thanksgiving dinner. Pressing two will get you to useful stats and talking points to defend your reasons for going vegan from a climate perspective.

Want to scream into a void about your frustrations about explaining your plant-based diet to people? Oatly gives you 30 seconds to do just that by pressing three.

Pressing four will get you to a locker room-style motivational speech inspired by — but not completely plagiarized from — the 1993 sports film Rudy.

You couldn’t make this stuff up even if you tried.