Joe Biden’s Communist Bank Regulator Nominee

Joe Biden’s nominee to head the Office of the Comptroller and Currency, Cornell University law professor Saule Omarova, is under fire for comments she made in February. Saule was not only educated in Moscow State University when the Soviet Union existed, it was recently revealed Omarova advocated destroying fossil fuel companies.

End #COVID Repression, Let Life Resume

Parts of America still demand that kids and vaccinated adults wear masks, even outdoors. Australia and China enforce even more tyrannical lockdowns. But now that vaccines protect most of us from serious Covid reactions, John Stossel shows that continuing such mandates is cruel.

Climate “Activists” Try To Terrorize Senator Joe Manchin

Democrat West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin recently put Biden’s infrastructure bill in jeopardy after declaring he would not back the proposal in its current form stating it lacked specifics as to what it would fund and how it would be paid for. Not surprisingly, party Jacobins went ballistic and unleashed environmentalists to harass and intimidate… Read More Climate “Activists” Try To Terrorize Senator Joe Manchin