EPA emails show ‘cozy relationship’ with environmental group

You don’t have to dig too deep discover corruption in the Obama Administration. It doesn’t take emails from Louis Lerner to reveal that not only that he can’t stand opposition but keeps a somewhat cozy relationship with his constituent groups. Republican Senator David Vitter of Louisiana unveiled a series of emails between an Administrator with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC). The relationship, he claims, demonstrates a concerted effort on the part of both parties to collude to reduce carbon emissions from power plants.

Of course the EPA and NRDC deny the relationship, but the emails speak otherwise. The Times-Picayune article that broke the story states:

In one email on December, 23, 2010, David Doniger, policy director for climate change at the NRDC, congratulates McCarthy on legal steps that produced the agreement creating a court deadline to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

“Thank you for today’s announcement,” Doniger wrote McCarthy. “I know how hard you and your team are working to move us forward and keep us on the rails. The announcement is a major achievement.”

Responded McCarthy in an email: “I really appreciate your support and your patience. Enjoy the holidays. This success is yours as much as mine.”

On June 8, 2011, Doniger wrote that “it was nice to bump into you yesterday. Here is the presentation we gave to the work group. I want to draw your attention especially to option 2 for existing sources. This is an approach that would achieve reasonable-cost reductions from the existing fossil power plant fleet on a continuing basis.”

He asked for the chance to brief her directly.,

Responded McCarthy: “Thanks David. Let me take a quick look. I would never say no to a meeting with you. Let me see what my time looks like but it’s pretty tight. Will get back to you.”

But if there is any further doubt about collusion between environmentalists and the Obama Administration, it was just announced that Rhea Suh who (up until recently) served as an assistant secretary in the Interior Department was just named head of the NRDC.