Greenpeace condemns big fishing boats. No, really!

I swear, folks, there is a conspiracy afoot. Stuff like this can’t come this easy. I mean Greenpeace releasing a list of 20 monster fishing boats for their negative socioeconomic and environmental impact along with alleging the boats are used for possible involvement in illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing is so ridiculous on its face its obvious these eco-wackos conduct activities to make their critics (like me) look good.

According to World Fishing and Acquaculture, the group is calling on world governments to have the mega boats removed from their fishing fleets stating they add to the devastation of the seas and negatively impact coastal fishing communities around the world. Greenpeace hopes by advocating for the removal of the huge fishing boats it will not only result in their demise but lead to ending excessive fishing capacity. In other words, this is another effort for these scum like to tell people what kind of food people can eat and how much.

As it turns out, three of the 20 ships hail from Spain and when word of this got to the Spanish fish industry criticized the report. As MercoPress out of Spain reports, a representative from a fishing trade association called Greenpeace’s criticism baseless stating the vessels operate legally. As it turns out, a representative of the European Union pointed out there are some fishing boats that do try to skirt the law or conduct illegal activities. However, they are the exception and not the rule.

Greenpeace has been complicit in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people due to the organization’s staunch opposition to bio-tech foods. Whats a few thousand or million more when they get done restricting the supply of fish for human consumption?