The racism of environmentalism

The Daily Caller reported that environmentalist groups like the Sierra Club and the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) attempted make their anti-fossil duel campaigns prior to Tuesday’s election into a racial issue. For example, The Caller points out that Sierra Club President tweeted a link to an article by one of his group’s activists entitled: Rolling Bombs: Millions of Latinos Live Next Door to a Public Menace, Oil Trains.

The Sierra Club article attempts to make the case that 15 million out of 25 million people live in oil train blast zones across the US. The article’s author, Javier Sierra, attempts to make the case that there haven’t been any improvements in oil train construction which, in turn, leaves minority community members vulnerable to train derailments and other misfortune. Prior to the Sierra Club piece, the NRDC put out a warning that almost 6 million people live near an oil or natural gas well or other energy-related facility and that most of them were people of color.

I also howled with laughter when The Daily Caller also described EPA administrator Gina McCarthy joining the narrative with her own song and dance stating that carbon pollution rules were an act of justice. McCarthy also stated: If we want to protect communities of color, we need to protect them from climate change. The Caller’s article goes on and on with example after example of liberal pundits and green groups attempting to link green issues with race.

However, the only racists in all of this are the environmentalists and liberal spin doctors, like Gina McCarthy for exploiting people’s race in order to stop criticism of her employer, its policies and the mean greenie groups supportive of efforts to reduce carbon dioxide. It is environmentalist groups that halt development of Third World countries like Madagascar and Chile as outlined in the movie Mine Your Own Business. It is also groups, like Greenpeace, who oppose the production and dissemination of GMO foods to feed starving populations in places like Africa and Asia. It is also anti-vaccine groups who use fraudulent studies like one that attempted to make the case that vaccines cause higher rates of autism in black children in an attempt to use race as a means to hinder scientific progress. Let’s also not forget the PETA activists who dressed up in Ku Klux Klan uniforms to protest a New York City dog show or an exhibit linking animal cruelty with black slavery.

The only ones committing acts of racism are environmentalists. They are either exploiting race for their own self-centered gains while doing all they can to prevent Asian, African and Latin American populations from living and prospering. Racism is another (if not the lowest) form of collectivism where someone ascribes superiority to their racial heritage. Since environmentalism is a philosophy of collectivism, racism fits right in to their ethics since their actions toward Asians, black Africans, and Hispanics either as means to exploit them for political gain or hinder development in their countries is racist to the core. While they won’t openly say it, actions speak louder than words.