“Grist” reviewers upset “Interstellar” global demise not human induced

Some environmentalist authors at the news and commentary website Grist are disappointed about the movie Interstellar. They, essentially, state their disappointment stems from the fact that the movie doesn’t point to humans as being the cause of Earth’s ecological collapse.

As one reviewer (Sam Bliss) put it best when he said:

We should say that the dust-storming Earth-pocalypse that goads humanity into wormhole-connected galaxies in search of other habitable worlds is not explicitly the global warming that threatens our species in real life.

As a card-carrying degrowther, I was really digging the first few minutes of the movie, when everyone was focused on fixing Earth by living modestly, not looking to jump ship for another planet to destroy. But I guess the script never even really stated that the environmental catastrophe the characters face is human-caused. In fact, Matt McCo even sat on the porch at one point and Texas-drawled that the Earth didn’t want people to live on her no more. Sounds like the typical Republican description of natural climate change.

First off, Christopher Nolan is an excellent movie maker and if one takes into account the themes of some of his latest films, like The Dark Knight trilogy and Inception, one can see Nolan is pro-civilization. This being the case, it makes sense that Nolan would make a movie that either avoids the global warming issue or, as Sam Bliss points out, uses the description of natural climate change as the reason for Earth’s climate demise.

Ultimately, movies should not be political tools, but in many cases they are used for that purpose. The best example is Ayn Rand’s testimony at the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) in 1947 where she points out the pro-communist themes of the movie Song of Russia. The most recent examples of movies pitching for environmentalism with strong anti-human messages are Wall-E, Avatar and the 2008 version of The Day the Earth Stood Still.

None the less, since these green reviewers disliked the movie because it did not fit their narrative is all the more reason to go see it.