Gang of green six files lawsuit for walruses

You know it had to happen. I mean it was just a matter of time before the news reports of the walrus ‘haul out’ came out that gang green was going to sue the US Fish and Wildlife service. Obviously, they couldn’t pass up the opportunity that six (you read that right) mean greenie groups announced their lawsuit against the US Wildlife Service in order to throw out an agency rule that oil exploration off Alaska’s northwest coast had a negligible effect on walrus populations.

Since the eco-wackos are going after fracking and other means of oil production it is small wonder that they now attack oil production from another angle. The green groups say the walruses suffer from the effects of warming which drives them out of vital feeding areas. To them, climate change is fueled by human activity resulting from fossil fuel use. It does not matter that the walrus haul out is a regular occurrence and is likely to happen again oil exploration or no oil exploration.