Netflix, Attenborough and cliff-falling walruses: the making of a false climate icon

In this Global Warming Policy Foundation video, Canadian wildlife expert, Dr. Susan Crockford, exposes the manipulation of fact behind the controversial walrus story promoted in the Netflix documentary film series, Our Planet, that was released early last month. PHOTO CREDIT: Wikimedia Commons

Gang of green six files lawsuit for walruses

You know it had to happen. I mean it was just a matter of time before the news reports of the walrus 'haul out' came out that gang green was going to sue the US Fish and Wildlife service. Obviously, they couldn't pass up the opportunity that six (you read that right) mean greenie groups … Continue reading Gang of green six files lawsuit for walruses

Walrus ‘haul out’ explained

During the early part of October, a walrus haul out event was reported in the media that was alleged to have been the result of climate change. In a Global Warming Policy Foundation video, University of Victoria professor of Archaeozoology Dr. Susan Crockford explains why the media coverage and statements by scientists on the event … Continue reading Walrus ‘haul out’ explained