Environmentalists determined to outlaw lead ammunition

Despite having been turned away in late December by a federal court seeking to give the EPA jurisdiction over lead use in ammunition, environmentalist groups remain determined to have their way. According to The Spokesman-Review a spokesperson for the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) states:

“We are absolutely going to push forward with our campaign to end lead ammunition. We think it’s the right thing to do for both wildlife and human health,” said Bill Snape, a senior attorney with the Center for Biological Diversity. “This is not about ending hunting, this is about having safe hunting, not only for wildlife but for hunters as well.”

This kind of statement reminds me of talking points anti-vaccine groups articulate. Anti-vaxxers claim they aren’t anti-vaccine, they just want better vaccines so kids don’t contract diseases or autism. CBD alleges that lead in ammunition left in wildlife areas has poisoned millions of birds and animals annually and is a threat to humans who consume animals shot by lead bullets. When it comes to pesticides and herbicides environmentalist groups say the same thing. Their latest attempt to ban neonicotoid pesticides was reported by The London Times that revealed notes the paper obtained authored by scientists connected to an environmentalist group. The memos described the scientist’s plans to ban neonicotoid pesticides using one study and then other scientists would base their studies off of the published manuscrpt.

According to environmentalists any product made by humans pollutes the earth or has some sort of detrimental effect on nature. The sinister thing about the green’s latest lawsuit against is that if they are successful lead ammunition would be regulated to the point of being outlawed. This would leave hundreds of thousands if not millions of gun owners without adequate ammunition to defend themselves against criminals. The Center for Biological Diversity and other green group’s lawsuit against lead in ammunition is nothing more than a sneaky attempt at victim disarmament.