3.7 million attend anti-terrorism rally in France

Some good news out of France, almost 4 million people attended an anti-terrorism unity march today. CNN reports it was the largest in the country’s history. A total of 17 people were tragically killed in the events surrounding the Charlie Hebdo massacre and it is good that such attendance occurred. In my view, the event itself was bittersweet. A German publication decided to publish some of Charlie Hebdo’s controversial cartoons that drew the ire of Islamic jihadists. Consequently, the paper’s headquarters was firebombed.

After the shootings, already Islamic groups are going into overdrive attempting damage control. Below is a chilling video of excerpts from one of the shooters named Amedy Coulibaly where he not only swears allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) but also states why he and his cohorts did what they did.