The Case Against #COVID-19 Passports

With global COVID-19 deaths and infections slowing, France sacked implementing special certificates or passports for people who have been vaccinated for coronavirus last week. Despite the French government’s announcement, Great Britain and the European Union are considering such a policy, Denmark and Sweden issued vaccine certificates earlier this month, Iceland enacted COVID passports during late… Read More The Case Against #COVID-19 Passports

Irony: Paris Court Rules France “Guilty” For Climate Change Inaction

Oh the irony! A ruling like this is issued in the city named for the world-famous Paris Climate Accord that Joe Biden insisted it was vital for the the U.S. to re-join in order to combat climate change. Yet a French court finds the entire country of France guilty of breaking the agreement’s standards. You… Read More Irony: Paris Court Rules France “Guilty” For Climate Change Inaction

Heatwave Superstition

In this video, Tony Heller shows why people who try to link heatwaves and extreme weather to CO2 levels, are engaging in superstition (or worse) – not science.

Environmentalists On Trial for Theft of Macron Portraits

Nicolas Vaux-Montagny – Associated Press – Tuesday, May 28, 2019 Across France, activists have been taking down official portraits of President Emmanuel Macron to protest what they consider his “inaction” against climate change. Now they face up to 10 years in prison. The first of several trials targeting the activists opened Tuesday in the eastern… Read More Environmentalists On Trial for Theft of Macron Portraits

Voters unwilling to pay to fix climate change?

During December of last year, founder Marc Morano was interviewed by Stuart Varney on Fox Business Network on the mounting push back against climate change legislation and taxes. This explains the unpopularity of people such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her so-called Green New Deal.