PeTA condemns Kid Rock and Kim Kardashian for animal choices

PeTA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) knows no bounds in it’s hatred of humans. Not only does the group give moral, legal and financial support to members of the eco-terrorist Animal Liberation Front, they also harass entertainment venues, like Sea World, who provide people with the ability to not only learn about sea and land-based wildlife but also administer entertainment that includes animals performing tricks for audiences.

The Huffington Post reports the pro-animal group is condemning rock star Kid Rock for posing in a photograph featuring the corpse of a dead mountain lion he killed while on a hunting excursion. Fortunately, Kid Rock’s good friend and hunting companion Ted Nugent has jumped to his defense stating the hunt was conservational since hunting and killing mountain lions is recognized by federal law as one of many animals that are a threat to agriculture or livestock.

Kim Kardashian is never one to shy away from publicity even if it means stirring up a little controversy. So I am sure it was of no surprise to Mrs. Kayne West that upon publicizing her wearing a bikini made out of animal fur (aka firkini) that it would drive PeTA bonkers followed by a public condemnation to boot. The UK Independent reveals that is exactly what happened when Kardashian posted photos on her Facebook page of her wearing a a bikini and boots made of animal fur. Soon after posting the photographs, PeTA’s Veep Dan Matthews condemned Mrs West’s choice of wardrobe calling stating she creates an ugly legacy.

It just so happens Matthews is the very scumbag who condemned animal testing for diseases by making the awful statement in 1994 telling people Don’t get diseases in the first place, schmo!. Matthews later followed up by stating: We are a lazy, sick society. People bring diseases on themselves. They [people] should avoid getting the disease in the first place. It should also be pointed out that, despite PeTA’s condemnations of animal cruelty, the group not only owns stock in Kentucky Fried Chicken but in 2013 The Huffington Post revealed the group euthanized (i.e. killed) almost 30,000 domestic animals eleven years prior.

PeTA employees would assure people who gave them animals they could no longer care for that PeTA would be able to quickly find good people to adopt them only to kill the animals within minutes of taking possession. PeTA is not dedicated to preventing cruelty to animals but is, in reality, an anti-human group. Their sole purpose is to make life a living hell for human beings since, by their leader’s own statement, the group considers humans to be a cancer on the face of the Earth to be subjugated and eradicated. What PeTA really stands for is People for Extortion, Torture and Abuse of human beings.