Now graduation ceremonies harm the environment

Oregon’s Statesman Journal describes a new program undertaken by Oregon’s Green Schools that are based on the idea that graduation ceremonies harm the environment. The estimated 30,000 graduating students in state high schools will require caps, gowns and tassels, respectfully. But, like the article points out, the very next day they will be relegated to closets or even landfills. This, however, is the reason why the paper makes the case that you harm the environment by participating or even having graduation commemorations in the first place. It is due to the petroleum-based (those pesky fossil fuels again) outer wear graduates don for their graduation ceremonies.

The article then pitches for a new recycling program dreamed up by Oregon Green Schools utilizing a Corvallis-based non-profit to do the schools’ dirty work (pun intended). This is another lame but also ridiculous attempt to demonize human beings and the value we receive by celebrating our accomplishments. I have written about how environmentalists claim that events like Black Friday or even the production of Halloween candy is bad for the environment. Now, it is the observance of and dedications to our academic achievements that is the target of scorn by a news publication obviously slanted toward environmentalist ideas and promoting their dissemination. Environmentalism is now intervening by assaulting the pride we feel for our educational accomplishments.