Retiring scientist closes animal testing lab, PETA claims victory

After 40 years of research, 70 year old scientist Dr. Tom Yin announced his retirement a year ago and, consequently, closed the lab he headed at the University of Madison in Wisconsin last Friday. According to the Wisconsin State Journal, Yin decided to throw in the towel when his National Institute of Health grant money ran out. The laboratory was the subject of ire on the part of animal rights groups because cats were used in experiments the lab conducted studying the auditory and visual stimuli of the brain. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (aka PeTA) filed a complaint against UW-Madison’s laboratory in 2013 with the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare alleging the cats used in studies were mistreated. Federal officials, however, cleared the lab stating there was no evidence of any improprieties. It was, however, cited and fined last year by the US Agriculture Department for animal negligence.

The university states it was Dr. Yin’s retirement and not PeTA’s opposition campaigns resulted in the laboratory’s closure. However and not surprisingly, PeTA has declared victory when the announcement was made. In a statement, a human hate group spokesman said:

PETA’s campaign and the intense public pressure it brought to bear on UW-Madison have ended this horrendous laboratory’s legacy of cruelty at last.

Notice the blatant misrepresentation in the PeTA representative’s statement. Despite the lab being cleared during an investigation surrounding his or her group’s complaint against Dr. Yin’s laboratory, PeTA contends that the lab regularly abused animals. Never mind the advancements in science that occurred thanks to Dr. Yin and his team of researchers studying the brains of cats. I have no doubt in my mind that none of the opponents of UW-Madison’s research facility would sign up to have the experiments done on cats conducted on them.

As a result of ending vivisection, groups like PeTA demonstrate their contempt for human life including their own. Animal testing is a necessary component of scientific and medical research and without it life-saving vaccines, medicines as well as other aspects of scientific knowledge (such as the brain) would not be available. It is ultimately hatred of humans that drives animal rights activists to do what they do and animals are a resource no different than oil or trees humans can use in order to further our survival.