Environmentalists sue to stop crude transport by rail

In what should be evidence to make the case for pipelines like Keystone XL, environmentalists are staying true to their battle cry to keep the oil in the ground. On Thursday, The Dickinson Press reports, environmentalist groups sued a California regulatory body for allegedly issuing a permit to allow crude oil by rail transportation in order to skirt an environmental review and that the oil in question was volatile.

As part of a Freedom of Information request, the green groups pointed to emails they had obtained and used as evidence in their legal grievance showing San Joaquin Air Pollution Control District employees allegedly assisting rail train company employees avoid environmental and public analysis of the program. A terminal in Bakersfield where crude oil is temporarily housed is scheduled to be expanded so it can accommodate more shipments and this lawsuit was obviously filed with that in mind.

An attorney for the district responded that the emails the Gang Green organizations point to as evidence of wrong doing were taken out of context and misrepresents the nature of the permit that entailed the construction of a couple of storage tanks whose pollution levels are low. Like in many other prior instances this is another example of environmentalist obstructionism. Gang Green’s interest in fossil fuels has less to do with concern about the environment and more to do with destroying industry which is the hallmark of civilization which fossil fuels are the basis of.

Yes there are some risks with oil transport, but if they are so concerned about the volatility of crude transport by rail then they should support transport by pipeline. Not surprisingly, they do not since environmentalists have only one thing in mind: the removal of all human life from the face of the Earth using pragmatic measures in order to make life miserable for mankind in the form of hindering fossil fuel dissemination and production.