Backlash Against PETA for Dissected Cat With Cake Meme

People for the Extortion, Torture, and Abuse of human beings (PETA) tried to be creative attempting to use a meme of a dead, dissected cat to draw attention to medical students allegedly being forced to dissect dead animals (cats, rodents, frogs) and claim animals are raised and purposely killed for this purpose in response to a cake meme. However, the human hate group offered no proof to support their assertions (except a potentially edited three year old video of footage allegedly taken inside Bio Corporation) nor pointed to any alternatives despite mentioning that they exist. PETA’s stunt garnered quite an angry response on Twitter and, hopefully, this will inspire even more people to spread the word on how evil they truly are. Now excuse me while I go have some chocolate cake after enjoying a delicious burger meal.

PETA Draws Backlash for Pairing Photo of Dissected Cat With Viral Cake Meme

BY MATTHEW IMPELLI ON 7/14/20, Newsweek

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has recently drawn a backlash after sharing a photo on Twitter of a dissected cat in response to a newly viral cake meme.

“Not cake #cutoutdissection,” the animal rights organization wrote as a caption to the photo showing a cat with its face cut in two.

The photo comes as the cake meme has gone viral, with videos of cakes made into everyday items and being cut in two. Just last week, BuzzFeed’s Food Twitter account, Tasty, reposted a video from Turkish dessert artist Tuba Geckil and showed clips of several different everyday items as cakes.

“These are all cakes,” the tweet from the Tasty Twitter account read, showing cakes made into such items as a roll of toilet paper, a bar of soap, a banana and even a pizza. The post quickly gained traction across social media, with many discussing the beauty of the cakes, while others joked around, wondering how many items around them could be a cake, as the video showed.

“I’m so traumatized I thought this was going to be a cake,” Twitter user Kara Brown wrote along with a video that showed pancakes being cut, joking that they could in fact be a cake.


6 thoughts on “Backlash Against PETA for Dissected Cat With Cake Meme

  1. If dissection upsets you (as it should), work to stop it. It’s cruel and needless: Modern methods have been shown to teach biology as well as or better than cutting up dead animals.


    1. It doesn’t upset me and what “modern methods” would replace it? Even alternatives to vivisection posed by groups, like PETA, in most cases are not as effective as using live animals for research.


      1. That’s just absolutely not true. Drugs that test safe and effective in animals fail in humans 95% of the time because they either don’t work or have serious side effects in humans. That’s an astoundingly high failure rate. Animals make incredibly poor models for studying human diseases because of vast biological differences in species. We’ve cured cancer in mice since the 80s but the results never translate to humans. If you want to study human diseases, you have to use human models, such as donated tissues, tissues taken during biopsies, and computer modeling.

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  2. People should be angry with those who cut up dead animals and profit from sourcing and selling animal cadavers, not the messenger.

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