Saudi Arabia Sierra Club’s ‘best ally’ in Keystone pipeline fight

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! The Washington Free Beacon has uncovered some very interesting information related to environmentalist’s opposition to the Keystone XL pipeline. I distinctly remember during the Presidency of George W. Bush the Left’s fetish with the House of Saud. The Left even went so far as to claim that President Bush remained sensitive to the Saudi’s concerns due to America’s reliance on their oil. Michael Moore jumped on the bandwagon by implicating the Saudis in his conspiracy theory flick Fahrenheit 9/11.

My, how times are a changin’! Now, instead of berating the House of Saud and in addition to counting on President Obama vetoing the project, environmentalists ala the Sierra Club count the Middle Eastern monarchy as their best ally in Gang Green’s fight against Keystone. Rather than cutting back production in order to stabilize oil prices, the world’s largest oil producer is keeping its petroleum taps wide open, hoping to drown upstart competitors in Canada, North Dakota, and Russia in a sea of cheap oil, said Sierra Club senior editor Paul Rauber.

I am sure the green group’s talking up the House of Saud means they are getting kickbacks in some way and this is yet demonstration how green groups can be bought for the right price. Russia was recently implicated in a money laundering operation that funnels money to environmentalist groups in order to stop fracking in the US. The Sierra Club was bankrolled by natural gas companies for years in hopes of eliminating coal as a power source. Even an entity funded by a United Arab Emirates source helped finance the production of a 2012 anti-fracking movie entitled Promised Land.

The Sierra Club warming up to the Saudis is quite a change of heart since the Left berated Saudi Arabia as a hurdle against America’s environmental and energy security. Politics does make for strange bedfellows but I have no doubt the Saudi/OPEC-Green nexus will evaporate down the line since political alliances are a temporary means to a common achieved end. But with the United States nearly at the point where we no longer have to depend on the Middle East for oil, Saudi Arabia’s alliance with the Left shows that, like Russia, Riyadh really isn’t our ally after all.