PETA euthanizing animals up from 2013

Statistics obtained by WAVY shows an increase in PeTA euthanizing peta in its Norfolk, Virginia shelter. All animal shelters in Virginia are required by law to provide records to the state Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS). The Virginia television station reports:

The records show that in 2014, PETA took in 1,606 cats and 1,025 dogs.

The fate of those animals breaks down as follows:

1)16 of those cats were adopted, 43 were given to other Virginia Releasing Agencies, and 1,536 (95.64 percent) were euthanized.

2)23 of PETA’s 1,025 dogs were adopted, 209 were transferred to other Virginia Releasing agencies, and 788 (nearly 77 percent) were euthanized.

Those numbers are higher than the previous year. In 2013, PETA euthanized 90.7 percent of the cats and 70 percent of dogs it took in.

When asked by the station for a response, PeTA replied that euthanized animals that were considered unadoptable such as those who were feral, dying, elderly, sick or even aggressive. Over 500 of the animals they took in, PeTA said, were brought in by poverty-stricken owners. A bill was recently introduced that would require animal shelters, like the one PeTA owns, to make the adoption of pets one of its functions.

The fact that PeTA euthanizes so many animals despite its claim to be in favor of the ethical or humane treatment of them should tell you something about them. One would think that PeTA would run a no-kill shelter but instead opted not to. Worst party about it, the group’s representatives have lied to people who brought animals to the group in hopes of PeTA finding the former pets adoptive homes.

PeTA knows their euthanizing animals is the height of pure hypocrisy but they don’t care since their ultimate unwritten aim is the destruction of human civilization. The group’s lies, cheating and outright nihilism demonstrates their activists have modeled their ethics and activities after the actions of the inhabitants of the animal kingdom and prefer the savagery of nature over the civilization of man.