Oregon Senate disinvites Andrew Wakefield

The Oregon State Senate has disinvited Andrew Wakefield. KOIN reports this after him being invited to testify at a committee hearing about a recent proposal, Senate Bill 442, to end almost all exemptions for parents to immunize their children. The reason for the cancellation is due to his research study alleging vaccines cause autism having been pulled and called fraudulent by the British medical journal Lancet.

Despite his dis-invitation, Andrew Wakefield will still attend a downhill going on in Portland to discuss the crux of Senate Bill 442. I have no doubt he will speak out against removing the vaccination exemptions. Thanks to his giving weight to the idea that vaccines cause autism and playing himself off as a victim of persecution resulting from his dismissal from Britain’s medical community, he can be looked at as the fountainhead of the anti-vaccine movement. Wakefield is nothing more than a fraud who makes money off of the hopes and fears of others.