Environmentalists sue for right to contract West Nile Virus

An effort on the part of Santa Clara County, California has stirred controversy. According to KCBS, some environmentalist activists have filed a lawsuit in an attempt to force the county to allow them to opt out of county pesticide spraying programs. The suit claims that the spraying of pesticides is harmful to the environment and that the spraying destroys the ecosystem in the Bay Area. The Santa Clara Board of Supervisors courts the idea of organic alternatives to pesticides but they are not as effective.

The county spraying program is being conducted to kill mosquitoes that can carry the West Mile Virus. That is the underlying, sinister agenda at such attempts like this for environmentalists who seek to opt-out of pesticide spraying programs. There is little difference between this demand and anti-vaccine activists who not only refuse to vaccinate themselves and their children but also want others to follow their example. Just like anti-vaccine activists (who are ideological allies with environmentalists) seek to revive diseases thought long dead, green groups pursue opting out of pesticide spraying programs. But both camps seek to have diseases, like the West Nile Virus and measles, spread so humans suffer and even die.

Seeking to exempt oneself from pesticide spraying is the same as refusing to vaccinate since the person in question imposes a risk on others that they did not consent to. The basis of environmentalist philosophy is hatred of human life and this opt-out claim is nothing more than an evil ploy to spread the West Nile Virus in hopes of removing more humans from the face of the Earth.