Animal “rights” group harasses GRU medical lab

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has responded to allegations made by the Stop Animal Exploitation Now (SAEN) against Georgia Regent’s University. According to NBC affiliate WSMV, the group’s leader filed a formal complaint based on what February inspection reports revealed in saying the university’s medical lab was cited for expired medical supplies, improper record keeping and the sudden death of a pig.

A spokesperson with the USDA said that in order for there to be an investigation to be held actual Animal Welfare Act violations have to have been committed. None did, so there is no controversy. AAEN says it wants the maximum penalty of $10,000 leveled against the facility for due to its negligence in animal care. Despite its fixing problems in the past, the university laboratory should have harsher action taken against it. Georgia Regent’s University issued a statement in response to the allegations stating:

“An internal review following the preliminary USDA reports also found no instances of negligence affecting animal welfare at any university research facilities. GRU will continue to pursue the highest standards of animal care in medical and scientific research that is lessening the burden of disease on society and improving patient lives.”

The controversy over vivisection is understandable in many ways, but the context of groups like SAEN is not to save or protect the lives of animals but ultimately to kill humans. By attacking and undermining medical testing on animals it makes the development of new medicines and therapies used to save, preserve and enhance people life much harder. Consequently, environmentalists achieve their aim of ridding the planet of more humans.