UK animal “rights” group wants to blow human eyes out

Britain’s Animal Justice Project (AJP) is very upset. The Birmingham Mail reports AJP accuses the United Kingdom’s University of Birmingham’s medical laboratory for conducting conducting barbaric experiments on rats that involve shooting plastic balls fired at their eyes. The animal rights group also claims that up to sixty four rats were subjected to the experiment last year. The University states that the number is actually seven and that the experiments are conducted so doctors can understand why eye injuries resulting from blunt force trauma result in diminished eye sight and even blindness.

Even though rates are given anesthetics prior to experiments performed AJP further alleged that experiments on rats are not only not necessary and appalling but subject the animals to horrendous abuses. A university spokesman responded by stating:

“The University of Birmingham is involved in research to develop drugs and medical technologies that will help in the fight against life-threatening and debilitating diseases, and improve healthcare for patients,” he said.

“Some diseases and health problems involve processes that can only be studied in a living organism. For example, treatments for heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancer have all been developed by involving animals in testing and research.

“The University will always ensure that any animals used are humanely treated.

He added: “We adhere to strict guidelines from the Home Office and are regulated by the Operational Guidance to the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986, which requires that experimentation on animals should only occur when there are no alternative research techniques.

“As part of that regulatory framework, we have periodic visits from a Home Office inspector who checks the welfare of the animals used in research and the facilities that they are kept in. During these visits the inspector is looking for evidence to show a caring culture, which ensures responsible behaviour and respect for the use and care of animals.”

There are times that in order for medical science to understand how certain diseases and illness occur that experiments on animals are necessary. In the case of the University of Birmingham’s effort it is to better understand how eyes are affected by blunt force trauma as well as eyes injuries involving fireworks and shrapnel from explosions. Groups like the Animal Justice Project hate the idea of using nature to better mankind. In this case, it is to utilize rats for lab experiments so human eye injuries can be healed.