Animal “rights” activists use drones to spy on monkey-breeding facility

The Broward County New Times reports an anonymous animal rights activist decided to use a drone he owned in order to spy on a facility tat breeds monkeys for lab tests in Hendry County, Florida. This is one of many incidents where animal rights activists use drones as a means to film activities on farms and other facilities that house animals.

It would seem that Hendry County itself has become the place of choice for breeders of lab animals, respectfully. The New Times reports:

Primate Products claims it has “worked closely with the county and the local community of which we have been welcomed into and have their full support.” It employs locals and says it has over the years cooperated with various government agencies including the Agricultural Extension Office, Hendry County Planning and Zoning Agency, the South Florida Water Management District and Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission. The facility has over 1,000 primates on its property.

Additional primate breeding facilities have been approved by Hendry County officials since. The Primera Science Center, being built by Pre-Labs, is a proposed facility that will breed exotic monkeys from Mauritius, an island off the coast of Africa, for bio-medical research. According to government documents, the facility plans to import about 3,200 macaques from the wealthy island nation.

There are about 3,000 primates living in Hendry County and while some concerns have arisen about monkeys escaping with the potential to spread illness and disease, the escapes are very minimal and no cases of disease outbreaks related to monkeys have occurred. Residents in the area contend that only domesticated animals can be bred in their area and that zoning codes were twisted to accommodate animal breeding facilities. The companies respond that the lawsuits and allegations about zoning are without merit.

The video itself shows noting of consequence and was obviously used as a means to intimidate companies involved in the breeding and purchasing of animals for lab tests. The activist who threw the drone was chased by police until they reached the county line. Some of the facilities have had confirmed deaths of monkeys due to fights or deaths during lab tests. However, this video is one of many instances where animal rights activists will use devices and other forms of harassment in order to prevent using animals for laboratory testing. There are times when the only thing adequate for lab tests is to use animals and doing so allows for the creating of life-saving medicines and therapies. It is clear animal rights activists like the one who shot this video would prefer death for himself and others over life.