Sea World fights back against PETA

Sea World is now going on the offensive against People for the Extortion, Torture and Abuse of human beings (PeTA) and it is not a moment too soon. CNN reports that the theme park is conducting an advertisement campaign in order to refute the allegations made against them resulting from PeTA activism.

The company has suffered financially due to the release of the film Blackfish that put the company keeping orcas in captivity in a bad light, alleging that orcas held in captivity have shorter lifespans than those that don’t. Sea World points out that PeTA has issued hundreds of press releases spreading disinformation about how the company cares for animals. CNN further points out:

PETA claims that the lifespan drops to nine years at SeaWorld. But SeaWorld counters in its ad that the lifespan is 46 years, comparable to how long killer whales can live in the wild. SeaWorld cites news reports, independent research and accounts from its head veterinarian.

Lisa Lange, senior vice president of PETA, said that their organization counts stillbirths in its life expectancy figures and alleged that SeaWorld does not. Lange added that it’s “shameful” for SeaWorld to spend money in order to “rehab its image while animals languish in tanks.”

I certainly hope Sea World’s advertising blitz helps the theme park regain some of its credibility. PeTA routinely lies and misrepresents the truth about how Sea World treats animals it obtains and cares for. Ultimately, the group’s opposition to Sea World, circuses and other entertainment venues that use animals is that the group hates the idea of humans using animals for educational and domesticated purposes. The group is so anti-human that they want to eradicate the pleasure people get from seeing animals to do circus tricks or view them in zoos or theme parks.