What the frack?! New federal rules to shut down fracking

The US Interior Department has proposed new rules that will regulate fracking on federal lands. According to The New York Times, the federal agency specifically focuses on drilling in its new regulations on the drilling method. Environmentalists, not surprisingly, and even the oil and gas industry are unhappy with the new decrees. Greens allege the rules do not go far enough while oil and gas companies state the regulations will increase the cost of doing business.<br /.

Wyoming, which has benefitted immensely from fracking, has filed suit against the new federal rules. The Independent Petroleum Association of America has also filed a lawsuit against the mandates stating they will raise the cost of oil production.

On Friday, March 20, the Heartland Institute’s Science Director, Jay Lehr, was on Neil Cavuto’s show on the Fox News Channel in which he discussed new regulations on hydraulic fracturing. He was joined by The Accountability Project’s president Nomiki Konst. During the interview, Dr. Lehr crushed the myths articulated by Ms. Konst and other fracking opponents. Jay Lehr gives excellent reasons why we should take advantage of the production of inexpensive energy resulting from the shale boom. You can see the interview here.