Animal “rights” group lies about animal abuse

An Oklahoma animal rights group recently accused an Oklahoma animal owner of abusing and neglecting animals in its care. KSWO states that the group Okla._Lawton Animal Welfare claimed that a Lawton dog owner had abused and neglected his animal. The group posted a photo of the dog with what looked like a tennis ball in its throat while alleging the dog was underfed.

Animal control and KSWO appeared at the owner’s house and both parties were allowed into the owner’s home. None of the allegations made against the dog owner turned out to be true. Oka._Lawton Animal Welfare picked up on this after seeing a woman neighbor of the dog owner post a photo of one his dogs on Facebook complaining not only of abuse but also animal neglect. The dog owner adopted two dogs from a local animal shelter and both animals were in good condition when the individual in question took them into his possession. The photo showing a dog with a ball in his throat may have been the result of one of the dogs being bitten by the other over a food dispute resulting in his neck swelling.

This story wasn’t just a case of a nosy neighbor but also an animal rights group not looking into allegations and jumping on some sort of bandwagon in order to gain publicity while hoping to in some way demonize animal ownership. This entire affair was blown out of proportion because the dog owner in question decided to leave the two dogs he now possessed in his backyard to guard his property. Another thing that animal rights groups hate animals being used for and if they had their way, property owners would be defenseless against thieves since animal rights groups and environmentalists oppose gun ownership too.