Eco-terrorists vandalize Oregon pheasant farm

The FBI and Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office are investigating an incident that took place at the Estacada Game Birds pheasant farm in Oregon. The Portland Tribune states that almost 50 pheasants valued at $1000 a piece were let out of cages set up for them by animal rights activists with the Animal Liberation Front. A statement by ALF states in part:

“These birds were bred, among other reasons, to suffer and die in pre-orchestrated canned hunts; a practice which represents the height of human arrogance and disregard towards animal life,” said the anonymous statement from the Animal Liberation Front. “This liberation was also done as a reminder that when we don’t allow fear to prevent us from taking action to directly free animals.”

Fortunately, not all of the pheasants were released and police believe the vandals who cut open the locks to the birds’ cages were scared off somehow. Unfortunately, the bird farm has been the subject of vandalism before and similar incidents have occurred at other animal-related facilities in Clackamas County. Consequently, that is why the FBI is involved and the sooner they catch these low-life scum the better.

Typical of so-called animal rights groups. They not only do not respect the rights of people but prefer the lives of animals over humans. The fact that, admittedly, the birds were bred for hunting is also an attack on the skills involved in hunting animals for food to sustain human life.