Greenpeace protesters set up camp on Shell oil rig

Monday morning the crew of a Shell oil rig named the Polar Pioneer discovered they had some new guests: Greenpeace protesters. The Seattle Times reports the rig is being transported to Seattle for the company’s oil exploration off the Alaskan North Slope. Upon completion of their access to a small cat walk under one of the rig’s decks they decided to set up camp with hammocks and tarps. The group intends to stay until Shell gets their message that drilling in the Arctic is unacceptable.

However, as The Seattle Times points out, geological surveys reveal that in the areas where Shell intends to explore there is the potential of finding billions of gallons of oil. The company is aware of the protesters and has even met with groups opposed to drilling. While Shell respects their views the company (rightly) will not condone illegal activities like trespassing on company property (which is what the protesters are doing).

Not only has Greenpeace opposed Shell’s oil exploration in places like the Alaskan North Slope, the group has attempted to sue Seattle Harbor in order to prevent the company from using it as a port to conduct their operations. The environmentalist movement isn’t about protecting the environment but is an anti-industrial movement. The green’s base ethics is the destruction of civilization and their embracing and harping on the global warming issue linking climate change to fossil fuel use is a method they use to brow beat human beings for being prosperous. Fossil fuel use is the basis of the comforts and prosperity we enjoy in industrialized countries. Groups, like Greenpeace, prefer to revert mankind back to the stone age and they attack companies (like Shell) who are involved in fossil fuel production.