Animal “rights” group starts campaign to harass animal testing firms

The Beagle Project has launched a new program that is geared to harass and intimidate firms that utilize vivisection. The effort will be encouraged through a took the group uses known as Animal Finder that will enable users to adopt cats and dogs that are locked up in research facilities. After registering, users can request public records and even daily care logs for their animal. It has been dubbed by The Beagle Project as the Identity Campaign and its head states that his ten year experience has lead him to conclude that no cat or dog used in medical testing has or can lead a good life.

The only thing that will end up making this effort backfire is that not only will facilities see through this kind of campaign but as the blog post at Care2 points out, that the Animal Welfare Act exempts as birds, mice or rats from regulation. So if this effort does result in being burdensome for animal testing facilities they will turn to animals exempt from the law. It should also be noted that US law requires many animal tests for research, especially in the medical field, respectfully. The one paragraph that I read while authoring this post made my skin crawl:

Holding animal research facilities accountable is an important step in the eventually elimination of animal research as alternatives are discovered, because most people do not like what they see when they’re given a glimpse inside research facilities through undercover footage from animal advocacy organizations like PETA.

The Identity Campaign is an effort to harass and intimidate firms that use animals for medical tests and will ultimately be used to smear or slander facilities involved in vivisection. There are alternatives to animal testing but many times they are not effective or sophisticated enough to replace research on animals. In terms of rights for animals that groups like PeTA advocate for, rights depend on a being’s ability of rational thought. Animals are devoid of any such ability since predatory instincts are an animal’s primary means of survival. Therefore, humans using animals for medical tests, clothing and even food is appropriate. I do not, however, condone animal cruelty, but if this latest campaign to harass animal testing facilities is any indication it is more about the animalistic treatment of humans than it is about saving animals from alleged cruelty.