Ewe can’t be serious: PETA pushed for investigation due to cursing

Since PETA lost in their campaign to outlaw or restrict sheep shearing, the group is turning to different types of intimidation tactics. This time it involves producing filming videos on private property without the owner’s permission. The UK Daily Mail reports that PETA filed a formal complaint that was picked up by Australia’s Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) that sheep on a New South Wales Australian farmer’s property.

PETA claims that it had video footage showing a farm worker using foul language while shearing a sheep. Apparently this is not the first allegation that PETA has leveled against the farm and the RSPCA informed the Daily Mail that it has received complaints about this behavior in September as well. The farm’s owner, Ken Turner is quoted as saying:

‘The allegation was that bad language was used by an employee on the property in front of the sheep, and that they could have been offended by the use of bad language. To my knowledge, there was no actual cruelty on the job.’

The concern PETA raises with this complaint is that cursing and swearing during the shearing process will hurt a sheep’s sensibilities. It is in the same vain as the group’s recent attempt to have one of England’s oldest pubs change its name in order to not offend chickens.

Ken Turner assured UK Daily Mail that sheep are not physically abused during the sheering process and no harm comes to the animals that are used for their wool. It is abundantly clear that a sheep will not understand what is being said to it and the complain lodged against the Australian farm is one more attempt to attack shearing since the group’s ultimate goal is to end using wool as a means for humans to have clothing.

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