“Cli-fi” novels written to indoctrinate youngsters

Russian communist leader Vladimir Lenin once said: Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted. Climate change activists are obviously taking from this idea. According to the UK Telegraph, climate fiction (aka “cli-fi”) novels are being published in order to, according to author David Thorpe, infect children’s minds with seriously subversive ideas.

Thorpe, along with fellow authors George Marshall and Saci Lloyd, attended and were interviewed by the Telegraph at the Hay Festival. Thorpe is further quoted as saying:

“I like writing for children because their minds are still forming,” said Mr Thorpe whose novel is set in a coastal Wales ravaged by climate change and rising sea levels.

“They are asking all sorts of questions about how the world is working. Their minds haven’t been tainted by ideological bias, they are still open minded about it.

“You can try to be seriously subversive and try to infect their minds with these viral ideas that they can explore on their own to make it exciting. When I was that age I loved having my mind boggled.”

Not only is Thorpe’s statement very revealing but so is author George Marshall who is founder of the Climate Ourtreach Information Network. The Telegraph quotes Marshall saying that it was important to appeal to people on an emotional level because they were bored by the science.

We need to get climate change out of the rational side of our brain and into the emotional part because that is where attitudes are formed on the basis of our values,” he said.

The seriously subversive ideas and attempts by people like Marshall and Thorpe are a despicable, underhanded attempt to indoctrinate children with the ideas of climate change alarmism. What kind of an effect on their self esteem do you think a book telling them that the climate doom and gloom their books will purport are all a child’s fault? Climate alarmists are obviously losing the climate change (formerly known as global warming) debate so they target kids as a way to make their world view and ideas relevant down the line.

The fact that authors like Marshall wish to undermine the rational side of a child’s brain in favor of the emotional is very telling and nothing more than an attempt to obliterate a child’s ability to think and reason for themselves. Critical thinking involves using one’s mind to make decisions. In terms of science a scientist forms a hypothesis and then tests his theory against evidence and comes to a conclusion. This is how critical thinking is conducted  but, like the environmentalist movement, the authors of cli-fi novels them are against such a notion.