CAPS seeks fewer humans to solve California drought

A recent television commercial was broadcast in California making the case that immigration is to blame for California’s recent drought. The Los Angeles Times reports that Californians for Population Stabilization (CAPS) is conducting a state wide media blitz to make the case that immigrants are the cause of the Golden State’s dwindling water reserves. Like its cousin environmentalist groups, CAPS seeks stricter immigration controls to prevent not just welfare abuse but also so-called anchor babies that are alleged to be born to foreign parents in US hospitals so the children can obtain US citizenship.

The claim about anchor babies is not true and Dr. William Patzert who is a climatologist out of NASA states neither is the claim that immigrants and immigration caused California’s drought. Patzers states that low snowfall and poor planning for events like this resulted in the drought and not an over consumption of water. Others say most of the state’s water goes to agriculture and that immigrants tend to use less water since they tend to live n multi-family dwellings.

However, none of those facts matter to CAPS which is an environmentalist front group started by retired ophthalmologist and environmentalist John Tanton who is the same person who started other anti-immigrant groups like NumbersUSA, Federation for American Immigration Reform and the Center for Immigration Studies. Despite its omitting CAPS’ green connection, the Los Angeles Times correctly points out:

The group, whose motto is “save some California for tomorrow,” was founded in 1986 by conservationists who felt that mainstream environmental groups weren’t advocating enough for population controls.

One of its major funders is the Colcom Foundation, started by Cordelia Scaife May, an environmentalist who backed birth control efforts and wanted to curb legal and illegal immigration.

Environmentalists are anti-human and anti-life to the core and John Tanton’s network is an extension of the belief that humans are a cancer on the face of the Earth that needs to be eradicated. The attack on immigrants isn’t just grounded in the Malthusian idea that resources are limited but it is also a way to demonize mankind including the human mind. Reason is man’s means of survival and it is by thinking and reasoning that humans are able to develop ideas in order live and prosper.

The slander and outright lies about immigrants furthered on the part of groups like CAPS, FAIR, NumbersUSA, and CIS is also an attack upon our ability of mankind use our minds in order to utilize Earth’s resources for our betterment which is something environmentalists abhor. Immigrants and immigration are people too and no matter what your views on immigration are, greens seek to exterminate humans no matter what race, creed, color or religion. Environmentalist groups are using a divide and conquer strategy by demonizing one population segment at a time in the hope that no one (except them) will be left on Earth when they are done. That is the logic behind CAPS’ disinformation campaigns when they immigrants and population increases for California’s drought.