Animal “rights” “conspiracy” uncovered to ban New Zealand rodeos

The New Zealand Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA), SAFE and Farmwatch are involved in a conspiracy to ban rodeos. According to The New Zealand Press, the three animal rights groups are lobbying New Zealand’s parliament in an effort to ban, what they call, an event that is an “abhorrent spectacle” and a detriment to the lives of animals. The effort involves a petition has garnered 10,000 signatures and once completed will be given to Parliament and Minister for Primary Industries (MPI) Nathan Guy.

While reading this news story the statement that stuck out to me were these from one animal rights group representative:

“Rodeos can be a terrifying and cruel experience for animals, yet in New Zealand this is currently completely legal … we believe no animal should endure such cruelty, especially simply for the entertainment of people,” said SPCA chief executive Ric Odom.

“Rodeos are inhumane and are not in the best interests of the animals. They serve no useful purpose and are purely for human entertainment.”

The rodeo organization in charge of facilitating the events states at no time have the groups involved in the lobbying effort showed up what goes on and why at a rodeo. One organizer states, to their credit, the SPCA has been allowed to tour his rodeo every year and took the advice they gave the management seriously. Now the SPCA is involved in an effort to stab the rodeos in the back.

Like in many other instances, we see yet again animal rights groups misrepresenting the truth if not outright lying about the conditions of animals in captivity. In this context it is for entertainment purposes. Of course instances of animal abuse should be investigated and any company that uses animals for things like food, entertainment or medical purposes should not violate and do their best to follow the law. However, animal rights groups only use their rhetoric of humane treatment of animals as a tactical talking point. Their ultimate goal is to stop the use of animals for any reason by humans. In this case it is for entertainment purposes.