Pick on someone your own size, Bill Nye

A hilarious article from E! Entertainment magazine has a video showing Bill Nye The Science Guy responding to claims of global warming skeptics about climate change. It is not funny for what he says in response to some, admittedly, nasty and rude tweets from people who are clearly ignorant. And that is why he chose to respond to them.

What is ironic is that during the video, Nye discloses he is a mechanical engineer while responding to one tweet in which the messenger seems to imply that he dismisses him because Bill Nye is does not have a background in climate science. About six months ago, someone on Twitter who had a background in climate science criticized me stating Lord Christopher Monckton was not a valid source citing his background in journalism as the reason. Yet climate alarmists and environmentalists will accept someone like Al Gore who has a background in politics and a personality like Bill Nye because it helps their narrative. This despite the fact neither gentlemen have climate science backgrounds nor have they published climate-related studies.

During June, The Daily Caller reported that Bill Nye was bitchslapped on Twitter by Meteorologists Joe Bastardi and Ryan Maue when Nye alleged that the Texas floods and warming in Alaska was the result of global warming. Even a student studying meteorology at Pennsylvania State University and independent weather forecasters from New Jersey denounced Bill Nye for damaging the scientific controversy over global warming.

What Bill Nye should do is familiarize himself more with climate science or debate with people on par with his scope of knowledge rather than selectively pick Twitter messages to respond to. In the past I have praised Bill Nye for his seeming change of heart on genetically modified foods and would, most likely, support him in his defense of evolution, but when it comes to climate science his knowledge severely is lacking. And that is being kind.