Animal “rights” activists call singer Rihanna a “murderer”

Animal rights activists took it upon themselves to disturb a party at a Macy’s in Brooklyn, New York commemorating the release of singer Rihanna’s new perfume line, RiRi. According to Inquisitr, the group accused the singer of being a murderer. A video was taken by animal rights activists connected to the group Their Turn is posted below for you to see what happened. The campaigner’s motives for this disruption are:

The growing public awareness of the mistreatment of animals coupled with the void created by other social justice movements that have already peaked have enabled Animal Rights to emerge as the social justice movement of our time, the group’s Facebook page says. We must seize on the attention and interest to advocate for animals now.

Despite no fur-oriented clothes being worn at the party, Their Turn states during May of this year Rihanna wore a dress that had animal fur on it to the annual costume gala at New York City’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. They also say that the singer has worn other clothing items made of animal fur prior to that.

Keep dong what you are doing, Rihanna and congratulations on your new perfume line! I encourage everyone to buy it and your music if it is everyone’s musical taste. It’s time to stand up against these extremists who have no regard for human life (including their own) and who prefer the savagery of the animal kingdom over human civilization.