Princess Michael of Kent : Animals have no rights

Great Britain’s Princess Michael of Kent has stirred controversy over bluntly stating that since animals do not pay taxes, vote or have bank accounts they have no rights. According to the UK Express, the princess (who is Queen Elizabeth II’s cousin) made the statement while promoting a new novel she wrote.

Princess Michael has also had run-ins with animal rights protesters resulting from her love of fur coats. She maintains that animal fur is the best defense against cold weather and is not a fan of urban foxes and squirrels. PETA is up in arms not just about her fashion preference but also due to her statements. In response to her comments about animal rights, PETA said they demonstrated an ignorance of the issue of what fundamental rights animals have.

Good for Princess Michael and her willingness to speak her mind. She should also continue to wear fur if she chooses like anyone else and should not be intimidated by the likes of PETA. Like I have said before, it’s time to stand up against animal rights extremists (like PETA) who have no regard for human life (including their own) and who prefer the savagery of the animal kingdom over human civilization.

2 thoughts on “Princess Michael of Kent : Animals have no rights

  1. I don’t think they prefer the savagery of the animal kingdom – they would feint if they ever confronted it. They prefer human causes for everything bad because the power of nature confounds and scares them. They live in guilt and need to have all other humans to blame for it, while they do their part and recycle..


    • Good observation and I can agree with your sentiments. However, animal “rights” activists are anti-human as evidenced by numerous statements by people like PETA head Ingrid Newkirk.


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