“Whole Foods mums” blamed for return of deadly diseases

Dr. Seth Berkley of the UN’s World Health Organization fears killer diseases are making a comeback in the West resulting from Whole Foods mums. Dr. Berkley heads a UN WHO group named Gavi that dispenses access to vaccines in poor countries, respectfully.

Thanks to anti-vaccine sentiments rising in the West, the UK Daily Mail reports, Berkley is increasingly worried about the potential of even more life-threatening diseases making a comeback in developed countries.

Thanks to the false theories about vaccines being linked to autism furthered by former doctor Andrew Wakefield and popular celebrities such as Jenny McCarthy, Berkley states middle-class Whole Foods mums are contributing to the problem of not immunizing their children which has resulted in outbreaks of diseases like measles outbreaks that occurred recently in Italy and Romania which resulted in the deaths of up to 35 people.

We’re really in trouble when a Playboy bunny has the same authority as the American Academy of Paediatrics, Berkley told the UK Daily Mail.

The problem is that we equate the expert with some of the denialists.

It’s the Whole Foods mums; you’re trying to be organic, you’re trying to do the right thing for your kids and all of a sudden you’re like ‘well, do I need to inject these things? Is it really a risk?

The anti-vaccine movement is an extension of the environmentalist movement. Anti-vaccine groups assist the green movement’s holy war (i.e. jihad) to eradicate human life from the face of the Earth.

Now with the pseudo-science behind naturopathic medicine becoming prominent among many parents of kids, parents become convinced not to vaccinate their children. This, in turn, can lead to all kinds of serious health problems, not just for children but also for adults. But that is the whole point and aim of the anti-vaccine movement.

2 thoughts on ““Whole Foods mums” blamed for return of deadly diseases

  1. It’s a big lie that measles is life threatening , because it is not . It’s all about money 1 Tim 6 : 10 Niv bible . Autism was unheard of before the inception of multiple vaccines in short time frames . The vaccines have known neuro-toxins like aluminum .
    Would you give a 2yr old a strong cup of coffee ? of course not , because the caffeine would overwhelm the nervous system of those children who have sensitive or underdeveloped nervous systems . How much more with these Satanic vaccines that contain all kinds of undesirable ingredients .
    The correlation is undeniable . When I grew up back in the early 60’s many children caught the measles virus and hardly any died .
    If a mother breast feeds her infant/ child or gives them “grass fed “whole” milk it greatly boosts the immune system to easily overcome these childhood viruses .
    I would much rather take the way lesser chance of my infant / child dying from measles than the great risk of having my infant child’s nervous system ruined by vaccines that are totally unnecessary.
    Many M.D.’s know vaccines are the cause but they suppress the truth because they love money . How evil can a person be that would knowingly and willingly ruin an infant or child to pad their checking account

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    1. That is unfortunate that you think that way. You put your child’s life at risk by not immunizing them. The reason why autism wasn’t heard of is that medicine has progressed to getting better at identifying and diagnosing medical conditions. The ultimate evil is by not only refusing to immunize your child based on irrational and immoral claims but also make your child vulnerable to diseases that not only put them at risk to contract illness but also to be a host so a virus can mutate into a deadlier strain. Would your child knowingly consent to that? Including die because you refused to vaccinate them? You don’t embrace life, you embrace death.


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