“The Blacklist” episode involves GMO terrorist

NBC’s hit series The Blacklist broadcast an episode on recently entitled Eli Matchett in which the episode’s villain seeks revenge for being wronged by a company involved biotechnological research but is then revealed to be a pawn in a wider conspiracy involving a virus developed to infect genetically modified corn.

The show stars James Spader whose character Raymond “Red” Reddington was an international criminal who turned himself in to the FBI. “Red” enjoys a somewhat limited sense of freedom by providing the FBI knowledge of the people who used to know in the world of international crime. This episode takes place while he and now ex-FBI agent Keene are on the run previously framed for a crime Keene didn’t commit. I enjoy The Blacklist and make it a point to watch every episode. It is a great, intelligent, action-packed series.

For a limited time you can watch the episode The Front for free here.