Nebraska Farmer: Nothing to Fear About GMO’s

By Deb Gangwish Special for CommonGround May 12, 2019 Omaha World-Herald If you’re involved purchasing food for yourself, your family or your business, you’re likely aware of genetically modified crops – also known as genetically modified organisms (GMOs), GE crops or biotech crops. GMOs have been widely misunderstood. People are concerned about their health and…

Why Does Greenpeace like Butterflies?

Myles Power asks a silly sounding question that, once again, exposes the double standards that lie at the core of Greenpeace and shows their opposition to GMOs to be hypocritical and irrational. That question is, Why do Greenpeace like butterflies? PHOTO CREDIT: © Derek Ramsey / / Used with permission

The Anti-GMO Movement’s Mafia-Like Tactics?

Investigative reporter Kevin Mooney has a column with the Washington Examiner blasting the strong-arm tactics of the Non-GMO Project. Mooney equates their methods with the mafia and if a food producer don’t do as they are told, the manufacturer will be on the receiving end of a marketing campaign to ruin their reputation and slander…

The Poison of Non-GMO Products

Smirnoff made some waves back in October when they announced they’re going Non-GMO with their vodka. The reaction to this move has also been noteworthy. A couple of farmers from Kansas who also own a liquor store made headlines by boycotting Smirnoff products in their store.

Farm Babe: Anti-GMO and Anti-Meat Movements Are Alike

Michelle Miller (aka Farm Babe) authored a very good op-ed in AG Daily pointing out not only the similarities between the anti-GMO and anti-Meat movements but that since both campaigns view agriculture as evil, they naturally bond as friends, or allies. Miller says: The money trail behind the food companies and activist groups is shocking,…