PETA calls for child’s death in Cincinnati Zoo case

A three year old boy was able to crawl through railing of a gorilla courtyard at the Cincinnati Zoo. The boy fell into the moat and was discovered by a 17 year old, 400-pound male lowland gorilla named Harambe. According to NBC affiliate WLWT Channel 5, the Cincinnati Fire Department, who was called to the scene to rescue the child, reported Harambe was violently dragging and throwing the child.

Zoo officials quickly decided to have the gorilla killed who clearly posed a threat to the child’s life. However, that was not good enough for local PETA activists. CNN reveals that the group has the gaul to claim killing the gorilla was unnecessary and went so far as to blame the mother for neglecting the care of her child. Tacitly, the group is correct that the mother should have kept a closer watch on her baby, but to PETA the only morality is one that favors animals over humans. This is evidenced by the group’s founder, Ingrid Newkirks’s statement that she considered humans as a cancer.

In PETA’s eyes, there is no moral difference between a dog, a cat, a gorilla, an elephant or a human since to them all species are the same. In some sense their view is an extreme form of multiculturalism that refuses to make the moral distinction between the civilized and the savage. The animal rights movement is not only a means of achieving the end of eradicating mankind for the sake of preserving nature, but also done in hopes of subjecting mankind to the savagery of the animal kingdom. It is the barbarism of the animal kingdom that animal rights groups revere and seek to force on mankind and why, in this case, their underlying premise would prefer the child to die rather than live.

UPDATE: a well credentialed animal expert has sided with the Cincinnati Zoo’s decision to kill the gorilla, stating Harambe would have killed the child.