Florida “public” radio station broadcasts green propaganda

It was ex-Communist David Horowitz who once remarked that public television and radio were created to broadcast propaganda for the Democratic Party. A recent radio show on Florida public radio station WMNF hosted by Rob Lorei interviewed Merrillee Malwitz-Jipson, Organizing Representative of the Sierra Club on to discuss green group efforts to bloc construction of the Sabal Trail Pipeline.

The three foot wide pipeline is 515 miles long that will go through the states of Alabama, Georgia and Central Florida that, when completed, will provide Florida’s energy needs. While listening to Lorei’s program no representative from the company building the pipeline was interviewed nor was anyone given time to counter or answer Malwitz-Jipson’s claims.

The interview with the Sierra Club representative takes up the first fifteen minutes of the show and you an listen to the program here. What should be of note is that Lorei announced the radio station missed its fundraising goal. Not surprising in light of its WMNF’s clear Leftist bias.

A review of Rob Lorei’s as of this post, shows a host of revolting, Left-leaning stories and causes pitched by the radio station. Everything from gun control to Black Lives Matter to speculating on Bernie Sanders’ socialized medicine plan to interviewing the head of the Communist Party of the USA to interviewing rabid anti-Semite and head of the far Left group Code Pink Medea Benjamin.

A review of WMNF’s programming schedule includes such notable shows such as the far-Left Democracy Now!, Talking Animals (animal |rights), environmentalism, and a spot for Marxist economist Richard Wolff. Your tax dollars and mine pay for all of this and stations like WMNF have the gall to seek to raise money to keep them on the air in hopes of enabling their one-sided, Leftist propaganda.