Animal “rights” activists harass NYC horse-carriage riders

Animal rights activists are ratcheting up their war on New York City’s horse-drawn carriage industry by riding alongside carriages and pressuring tourists to use an electric car instead. From the New York Post:

A video posted online shows a recent incident in which the activists convinced a Michigan couple to abandon their carriage ride shortly after it started.

“This is such a cruel industry — our mayor’s trying to ban it,” activist Edita Birnkrant, formerly of Friends of Animals NYC, is seen saying in the clip. “We’re hoping you’ll get out and take this [electric vehicle] instead of supporting animal abuse.”

The activists have been driving around in what they describe as an “eco-friendly vintage car” — the same prototype that was pitched by Mayor Bill de Blasio and the animal rights group NYCLASS as a replacement for the carriage horses.

You can read more about this harassment scheme here.