President Trump Speech at Mount Rushmore

I hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day. President Trump delivered an excellent speech yesterday at Mount Rushmore not only condemning the recent activities of Leftist terrorists tearing down and defacing statues of historical figures, but also to reveal his plans for building more of them starting at the site where he stood.

The IPCC Lied!

From Heartland Friend @Naomi Seibt ​, this is the third of her series of “Climate of Freedom” videos with another Heartland friend, the one-and-only Lord Christopher Monckton. Watch as the two dismantle the lies the IPCC has put out over the years.

The Players Behind the Protests

A recent article from Trevor Loudon at The Epoch Times details how two far-left extremist organizations have been playing key roles in the protests and riots around the death of George Floyd. Crossroads with Joshua Philip take an in-depth look at these groups. PHOTO CREDIT: By Hungryogrephotos – 20200529-_DSC8322, CC0,