5 Times Environmentalists Were Bad Guys

This video done by Generation Films points out five instances in films where environmentalists were made to be the bad guys. Environmentalists aren’t radicalized, they are radicals. Just like any other religious belief or political ideology, it just depends on how serious an environmentalist takes their cause.

Climate Fascism

Using their own words, Geologist and engineer Tony Heller shows how climate alarmists are enabling fascism around the world, and how this is nothing new for leftists. NOTE: The phrase behind the speaker of the photograph for this post is German for Blood and Soil. Reverence for ecology, which included sacrificing human life to nature,…

Nuclear Power’s Promise and Peril

A very good video report by The New York Times on nuclear power. It points to the Three Mile Island incident that occurred during 1979, and also shows how the entire incident lead to unwarranted hysteria about nuclear energy. It was human ingenuity and technology that helped prevent Three Mile Island from becoming a disaster…

Fracking Myths vs. Realities

The fracking revolution has transformed America into a global energy powerhouse. Yet, the public holds many misconceptions towards the fracking process. Joe Leimkuhler, vice president of drilling at LLOG Exploration, explains the myths and realities of fracking.