Aussie zookeeper who punched kangaroo threatened and harassed by animal “rights” activists

Back in June, Australian zookeeper, Greg Tonkins, punched a kangaroo in the face when the animal attacked and tried to strangle his dog while on a pig hunting trip in New South Wales. What Greg Tonkins did made him an internet celebrity and hero in the eyes of many, except animal rights activists who are now threatening him, his wife and his two children.

The UK Daily Mail reveals that Greg Tonkins has not only been the subject of a harassment campaign by PETA to urge his employer (Taronga Zoo) to fire him. Tonkins also had to call the police to his home recently for fear that animal rights activists were near or around his property.

Tonkins went on the hunting trip with his friends to catch a wild bore for his friend Kailem Barwick who was dying of cancer at the time and, sadly, recently passed away. However, the reaction to the video has been astonishing. One of the hunters on the trip interviewed stated the only place Greg Tonkin is condemned is in his home country of Australia. Everywhere else he is considered a hero. PETA’s taking the side of the kangaroo translates into the group prefers to sacrifice Greg Tonkin and his dog in order to preserve the life of the kangaroo.

Fortunately, Taronga Zoo has stated Tonkin will keep his job. But the reaction on the part of PETA toward Greg Tonkin’s defense of his dog is as much outrageous as it is not surprising. The animal rights movement is not only one means of achieving the end of environmentalists eradicating mankind for the sake of preserving nature, but reflects the true desire of the environmentalist movement to subject human beings to the savagery of the animal kingdom. It is the predatory nature of animal culture that animal rights groups and activists revere and seek to force on humans and why, in this case, they seek to harass and intimidate people like Greg Tonkin.