Florida environmentalists seek to destroy bass fishing with dam removal

Environmentalists have revived a decades-old controversy in north Florida by filing a lawsuit in hopes of removing Rodman dam. According to WJXT out of Jacksonville, environmentalists allege that the permit to run the dam that was supposed to be issued in 2010 has not been renewed. Therefore, the dam must be removed.

Ultimately, the reason why the lawsuit was filed is to obliterate the bass fishing that is a major attraction at the Rodman Reservoir located in Ocala National Forest. Florida lawmakers have blocked efforts to remove the dam legislatively because the Rodman dam has made this tourist attraction possible which is a benefit to the state and area it is located. Since the environmentalists can’t accomplish their goal of removing the dam in the state’s legislature, they resort to litigation.

Environmentalists counter that even though bass fishing would be lost, with dam removal new recreational and economic activities would sprout up resulting from the restored eco-system at the Ocklawaha River. In reality, that is just window dressing. Ultimately, the reason for the environmentalist’s lawsuit and actions to remove the dam is to destroy a tourist attraction that people enjoy and reduce the human carbon footprint.